Priest Spellpower

Q/A – Priest Stat Value Benchmarks?

Question: I’m a convert from holy (my guild was just starting Tempest Keep when WotLK came out) and just dinged 80 a couple of days ago. As I’ve been leveling, I’ve been using Sharlin’s gear weighting values when making gear choices, and I’m currently sitting at the following unbuffed values:

Int: 680 (13.7K mana)
Spell power: 1057
Crit: 12.0%

I’m trying to gear up for heroics now, but reading the thread concerning stat values for heroics, it looks like I’m a bit skewed regarding my stats. As probably most of you know, stat weights only work if you’re balanced to start with, and it looks like I’m not (not sure if my drops were just unlucky/unusual, but it looks to me that I’m doing ok on crit and int, but sorely lacking in the spellpower department.) I was considering shifting some gear around, but without any targets, I’m kinda working in the dark, because I really don’t know what I’m shooting for.

Does anyone have a good feeling for benchmark values for regular level 80 instances, heroics, and finally entry-level (i.e., Naxx) raiding? I’ve dug around on the board and seen a lot of comments on people’s individual stats, but no place where it says “this is a good level to start X with.” I would normally just jump in and try some, but I’m a bit tentative because I’m still learning how to heal with disc and I don’t want to go in undergeared and then have people thinking “these disc healers suck!”

(The Armory is down now due to the 3.0.8 patch, but you can check my gear at rpgOutfitter if you’re interested.)

Answer: More crit, in my opinion. Your spell power isn’t that bad to start with. Disc doesn’t churn out big heals so much as it provides mitigation and buffs. You should be fine doing some of the easier heroics; I’d just suggest gearing up more for crit. Spellpower will come with gear.