Goblin Priest 2v2 Arena

Q/A – Help with 2V2 Priest Encounters?

Question: Hey folks. I need some info about PVP 2v2.
I’m obviously disc priest with 718 gear score, 21k health, 16k mana, 1700sp and my partner is a Arms Warrior.
We’ve been defeated by Ret Pally+DK/WAR, Double Mage, and Druid Healer+DPS. What’s pissing me off is those PVE Ulduar Pallys, who made 4k DPS in the Dungeon. They just blow away me in 5 seconds. The best chance we have is when I handle some out of sight and just that. Against double mage, we’re trying to blade storm the images with area taunt. Then Druid healer is a long duel of mana control, but you guys must know I can’t compete with interval.
Can you guys give me some advice about that?

Anticipating my thanks to this fantastic forum and my apologies about my bad English.

Answer: Any Ulduar geared DPS is going to blow you up with your stats. It’s a gear check. You need to get up around 900 rezzes to see better survivability. Even then you’ll need help from your partner (peels) to get them off of you. EG: intercept/hamstring, or Death Grip from DK, etc…

Double mages just suck. Too much CC. The warrior needs to have a macro to equip the shield and spell a poly. You have to LOS those mages as much as possible and keep dots on them. Keep mass dispel ready for ice blocks and shattering throw from the warrior. Too much luck required to win this fight 🙁 It would almost be better to have the war equip a shield the entire fight for bash/reflects. I hate mages so much I should level one.

Warriors: With mortal strike + a UA proc, your healing is reduced by 75%. At this point, you would be wasting mana healing and should be waiting for a peel from you partner and try to kite. If you are Hamstring’d then you should shield if possible and start DPS’n until the MS buff wears off. Hopefully, the warrior sometimes doesn’t renew MS in time.

DK’s: Keep abolish disease on you and your partner. For every disease the have on you, it makes about 5 of their abilities 50% stronger. Including a lifetap, I believe.

Druids I find can be squishy…we like to zerg them first usually because as a priest, you can dispel their HoTs. That plus MS from your warrior, the druid should die quickly if you can avoid CC. A good druid will shape change, root, run, cyclone.. piss me off. I believe they can dispel or shape change out of hamstring too.

General advice: learn to be more offensive. Keep shield/pom/renew up then start putting up SWP/DP and SWD’s. Throw in a holy fire. Keep penance as either an “oh shit” heal or kill shot. Learn to communicate with your partner and get peels when needed. An intercept stun + hamstring can equal a win.