Priest Specialization Guide

World of Warcraft’s Priest: A Course Overview

In Environment of Warcraft, priests can be witnessed in two various lights: They can both be followers of the light or disciples of the shadows. For individuals who guidance the lead to of all that is excellent, you can select to be helpful healers for both small functions and significant raids. For those people trying to get vengeance and wishing to drive the earth to conform to their will, they can decide on to don a cloak of darkness and unleash unholy electricity on all who stand in their way. Which one is the appropriate choice for you? Let’s split down every single spec and see what journey you will select to just take in WoW, one of the most popular MMORPGs.

Discipline Priests

The monks of willpower are likely to veer extra in the direction of preserving the close friends and team associates from at any time obtaining weakened in the initial position. Quite early on in their teaching, they discover a spell known as Power Word: Shield. This spell will allow them to forged a glowing bubble around any person in the nearby area.

This ability will block out all destruction up to a particular point. The Discipline priest’s mitigation spells clear the way for the healing that will inevitably need to be finished, bringing the team back up to complete power in a issue of seconds.

Holy Priests

A holy priest lacks the skill to avoid pain and suffering. Rather, he or she has spells that will quickly heal just as nicely as heals over time. Heal Over Time Spells (HOTS) are just like the Damage Over Time Spells (DOTS) that Warlocks and Rogues have access to, except they erase the destruction that has been carried out or is currently occurring. This comes in useful in the case that the priest needs to heal a number of players in their raid group quickly. Last but not least, a holy priest can even mend if he or she is killed with the Redemption spell, which is cast from over and above the grave!

Shadow Priests

A shadow priest is typically as opposed to an affliction warlock in that they largely count on DOTS for the bulk of their harm dealing capabilities. In addition to their astonishingly powerful destruction output, some of the greater-stage spells like Vampiric Embrace will basically provide to heal the complete group while harming the enemies in the struggle. Shadow Priests can often be remarkably sought just after owing to their haste abilitiy that is routinely offered to all raid or group members. One thing that shadow priests learn early on is Shadowform, which envelopes the priest in a translucent purple robe of power, serving as minimal camouflage and buffing many spells.

Priest Summary

When not necessarily remaining the most straightforward specialization to perform, turning into a priest of any spec can be an extremely pleasurable experience for all those who learn the class. At the end of 24 man raids, priests are extremely sought immediately after because of their large healing talents, not to mention the fact that they can offer out huge quantities of destruction in-between aiding injured tanks. If you’d like to pick a class that every person would like to team with, give a priest a try and see where it takes you!