Goblin Priest 2v2 Arena

Q/A – Help with 2V2 Priest Encounters?

Question: Hey folks. I need some info about PVP 2v2.
I’m obviously disc priest with 718 gear score, 21k health, 16k mana, 1700sp and my partner is a Arms Warrior.
We’ve been defeated by Ret Pally+DK/WAR, Double Mage, and Druid Healer+DPS. What’s pissing me off is those PVE Ulduar Pallys, who made 4k DPS in the Dungeon. They just blow away me in 5 seconds. The best chance we have is when I handle some out of sight and just that. Against double mage, we’re trying to blade storm the images with area taunt. Then Druid healer is a long duel of mana control, but you guys must know I can’t compete with interval.
Can you guys give me some advice about that?

Anticipating my thanks to this fantastic forum and my apologies about my bad English.

Answer: Any Ulduar geared DPS is going to blow you up with your stats. It’s a gear check. You need to get up around 900 rezzes to see better survivability. Even then you’ll need help from your partner (peels) to get them off of you. EG: intercept/hamstring, or Death Grip from DK, etc…

Double mages just suck. Too much CC. The warrior needs to have a macro to equip the shield and spell a poly. You have to LOS those mages as much as possible and keep dots on them. Keep mass dispel ready for ice blocks and shattering throw from the warrior. Too much luck required to win this fight 🙁 It would almost be better to have the war equip a shield the entire fight for bash/reflects. I hate mages so much I should level one.

Warriors: With mortal strike + a UA proc, your healing is reduced by 75%. At this point, you would be wasting mana healing and should be waiting for a peel from you partner and try to kite. If you are Hamstring’d then you should shield if possible and start DPS’n until the MS buff wears off. Hopefully, the warrior sometimes doesn’t renew MS in time.

DK’s: Keep abolish disease on you and your partner. For every disease the have on you, it makes about 5 of their abilities 50% stronger. Including a lifetap, I believe.

Druids I find can be squishy…we like to zerg them first usually because as a priest, you can dispel their HoTs. That plus MS from your warrior, the druid should die quickly if you can avoid CC. A good druid will shape change, root, run, cyclone.. piss me off. I believe they can dispel or shape change out of hamstring too.

General advice: learn to be more offensive. Keep shield/pom/renew up then start putting up SWP/DP and SWD’s. Throw in a holy fire. Keep penance as either an “oh shit” heal or kill shot. Learn to communicate with your partner and get peels when needed. An intercept stun + hamstring can equal a win.

Priest Spellpower

Q/A – Priest Stat Value Benchmarks?

Question: I’m a convert from holy (my guild was just starting Tempest Keep when WotLK came out) and just dinged 80 a couple of days ago. As I’ve been leveling, I’ve been using Sharlin’s gear weighting values when making gear choices, and I’m currently sitting at the following unbuffed values:

Int: 680 (13.7K mana)
Spell power: 1057
Crit: 12.0%

I’m trying to gear up for heroics now, but reading the thread concerning stat values for heroics, it looks like I’m a bit skewed regarding my stats. As probably most of you know, stat weights only work if you’re balanced to start with, and it looks like I’m not (not sure if my drops were just unlucky/unusual, but it looks to me that I’m doing ok on crit and int, but sorely lacking in the spellpower department.) I was considering shifting some gear around, but without any targets, I’m kinda working in the dark, because I really don’t know what I’m shooting for.

Does anyone have a good feeling for benchmark values for regular level 80 instances, heroics, and finally entry-level (i.e., Naxx) raiding? I’ve dug around on the board and seen a lot of comments on people’s individual stats, but no place where it says “this is a good level to start X with.” I would normally just jump in and try some, but I’m a bit tentative because I’m still learning how to heal with disc and I don’t want to go in undergeared and then have people thinking “these disc healers suck!”

(The Armory is down now due to the 3.0.8 patch, but you can check my gear at rpgOutfitter if you’re interested.)

Answer: More crit, in my opinion. Your spell power isn’t that bad to start with. Disc doesn’t churn out big heals so much as it provides mitigation and buffs. You should be fine doing some of the easier heroics; I’d just suggest gearing up more for crit. Spellpower will come with gear.

Q/A – Conversion from Holy?

Question: Hey everyone! So this is my first post on the forums, but i’ve read (and learned) alot. The question i wanted to ask is how hard would it be for me to switch from holy spec to disc spec. More specifically, as holy i stacked spirit pretty heavy, and i know that is a no no for disc, so i was hoping someone could look at my base stats and tell me if they are viable for Disc. I’m pretty well geared (almost full 25 man gear, so i got that going for me) but here it is:

Int: 993
Spirit: 656
Crit: 9.6%
Spell Power : 1919
Haste: 15%

These are base, i just respeced and havn’t put any points in talents yet cause i wanted to move a few points around in my holy tree after the patch, but decided to think about going disc right now instead of whenever i stop procrastinating about it. Saying that, ill get 5% more crit from Holy specilization, along with 15% more int from mental strength (so about 1150 int) and 5% spirit from Forced will i think it is ( so getting to around 700 spirit).

I know this is alot of numbers, which is lame, sorry sorry sorry, but just looking for someone to look at there stats and see if mine are close, and if going disc with this much spirit is viable. Thanks in advance!!

Answer: It may be viable but certainly not ideal. Read up on the FAQ thread here: http://discpriest.com/discipline-priest-pve-healing-f-q/ as it has Spirit as one of the last stats you should be concerned with.

As for recently making the switch over from Holy myself I’d like to welcome you to the club. I know I will probably never go back after being Disc now.